Saturday, July 25, 2009

June: Ups and Downs

Well, we've certainly been staying busy - and cool. I keep waiting for it to heat up and it just doesn't. The babies are super sweet - they've begun to let us sleep through the night most nights starting in June. They go to bed around 9 and stay asleep til almost 8 in the morning many nights! Too bad Ingrid and Helen don't go to sleep till 10 most nights and are up at 7:30!
We've done lots of fun things - thank goodness for Grandmas to help that happen as I don't know how I could ever do anything outside of house on my own with all four of them.
Unfortunately we've finally had our share of ER visits catch up to us too. We had to call 911 when Ingrid got a hard candy stuck in her throat. She could breath the whole time thank God, but it wouldn't go down and she was panicking and so was I! It took the ambulence THIRTY mninutes to get here while it got lost in all the construction! I was SO UPSET about that - poor Ingrid was scared and so was I waiting waiting. When they finally did get here, all they did was look in her mouth, not seeing anything they said they can't do anything and we could either hitch a ride to the hospital or just go ourselves. We drove ourselves, but by the time we got there and had x-rays, the candy finally either went down or melted away. That was the first AND last time I allowed a relative to give them hard candy.
On the funner side, we picked strawberries, which I remember doing as a little girl with my mom, so that was a lot of fun. Mike and I took all 4 to the drive in movies and lived to tell! And actually had fun! They played 'Up' and 'Night at the Museum'. The girls loved sitting in their folding chairs munching on snax, the babies slept in their car seats most of the evening! It was great!
My Strawberry Girls. Helen & Ingrid.Father's Day: Dad and Ingrid

Father's Day: "We wrapped it ourselves" Boy did they have fun with that!
Stella and Nora. Starting to sit up really well.
My heart melts so much seeing this...just wait til' they walk!

Ingird and Nora...pals to the end. Ingrid has a special talent at being silly and giving silly kisses
that make the babies laugh. The only problem is that the same
kisses sometimes make the babies cry.

What a Dad!

Stella, Helen, Nora and Ingrid.

Nora and buds.
Yes, Nora is a little bigger than stella. We notice it when we pick her up.
Sometimes on the really chunky days, we call her Sumo baby!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Long overdue...More pics from May!

This is the first thing you want to see after you finally got all your kids to sleep at about 11 PM:

My Mom takes Ingrid & Helen to the Twins game!

My favorite pic so and Nora!

Mike and the girls work on planting seeds in our Garden.

Heather came to visit!

Things are going generally well. The babie are sleeping through the night quite often! And the big girls love thier little if only they knew what 'don't touch sleeping babies' also means not to kiss them, smother them with love, smell them, try and make them laugh or otherwise do anything that might awaken them...