Wednesday, June 23, 2010

February: Birthdays, Showers, Photos and Florida!

Florida, here we come!!!
February 17 (Babies' actual 1 year birthday!)
5am – alarm goes off on my phone. Hit snooze
5:05am – hit snooze
5:15 – drop phone behind bed.
6am – knock on door – mom is here to pick up girls and head to airport. Oops…go get girls up.
6:45 – after mad dash to dress self and change babies and grab last minute items, in minivan headed to airport.
8am – depart MPS
Noon – Arrive MCO. Feliks, did NOT arrive at MCO. He missed his plane because of some sort of car trouble.
1pm - We arrived at our 5 bedroom condo to find out we couldn’t check in until 4pm. So we headed to Target to have some cheesy pizza lunch and get some groceries. The plan was to buy a frozen lasagne and put it in the oven for dinner
5pm – back to condo…cleaning people still there! We ‘moved in’ anyway.
6pm – Oven is still on cleaning mode. Plan D: Order Chinese.
The babies had a great time exploring the house and leaning on the glass sliding doors. They also had a great time eating a piece of cake!
9pm – kids in bed. Vivit looses a crown off her tooth while eating some candies my girls shared with her.
10 – trip to Walgreens to get temporary dental fill.
11 – Unpack. Get settled.
Midnight – Goodnight.
1am – Good morning…baby up. One or the other baby was pretty much up all night till 4am. Thank God for Grandmas.

Thursday Feb. 18
9 am – get going. Mike takes Vivit to Dentist
Noon – All are at MGM studios. Kids saw Playhouse Disney show.
We got to see the Cars show where they spin around and jump through fire! The girls loved it! Mike got us plenty of pretzels to eat. Aldona and Vivit split up. We met up again to see the Little Mermaid show. It was really neat! The babies loved watching the fishy puppets. The steam and lazer lights made it look like we were under water! Too bad we waited in line for 1 ½ hours! We also got to see the Muppets show, which the girls didn’t want to do (cranky! And didn’t like the 3D glasses) but they ended up really enjoying it. We ate dinner outside at Pizza Planet and then went to play in the ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids’ playground which was really cool, but they closed it only a few minutes after we got there. Then Mike and Aldona spent at least an hour shopping for a sweatshirt for Vivit so she could stay warm for the fireworks at the ‘Fantasmic’ show that night. Mike and I got to use not-so-fast fast passes to go on Tower of Terror and met some nice people in line from Minnesota. It was freezing after that, so the Grandmothers and I took off with the babies and Ingrid (who chose not to stay for the show) and Mike stayed with Vivit and Helen and had a good time! Feliks came in flying standby at 11:30 pm. unfortunately, his luggage did not.

Friday Feb.19
Seaworld! Ingrid & Helen’s favorite! We saw the Shamu show…which was actually pretty anti-climactic and cheesy. We ate sandwhiches while we waited for it to start, and the man with a nice camera who sat behind us had lots of fun taking pictures of Nora and I! We also saw fishes, and of course our family favorite: STINGRAYS!

Over the rest of the trip, we went to Seaworld for a 2nd time (your 1 day ticket actually gets you in 2 different days!) and went  to Disney's Magic Kingdom on Monday. That was great, it wasn't crowded and we got to do EVERYTHING the kids wanted (I think!) Ingrid said her favorite was the Dumbo ride and Helen's favorite was 'It's a small world'. They both loved seeing a show outside the castle that had all the princesses dressed up! I think we did everything in Fantasyland - Teacups, Peter Pan, Philharmagic, Winnie the Pooh, as well as the race cars, Toy story etc. Pretty much we didn't leave fantasy land all day! The babies were great and went on pretty much everything with us and didn't get too scared or tired - they napped in their stroller!

February 28th
Well, we are back home. And it is amazing that the babies actually slept better on vacation than they do at home now that we’re back! I think we just wore them out and they were so exhausted that they couldn’t help sleeping all night! (most nights anyway!) Funny that now it seems Stella is sleeping better and sometimes all night long, where Nora is now the one getting up. Ahhhh twins…

Sara's baby shower went well. The only close call is that I asked target to decorate the cake with airplanes and it came looking like a bunch of red & blue whales all over her cake! Somehow, I managed to luck out matching the color and fixing it myslef wihtout totally redoing it! It was fun to see everyone there and play all the games etc. Everyone always thinks I will win the babyfood game, and after 4 kids, I am still clueless and not even close to winning!
The babies also had their birthday party. There were a ton of people there and it was ton of fun! I bought cakes pre-made from Target, but decorated them myself to look like ladybugs (learned my lesson!). That was fun! The big kids all got to decorate cupcakes at the party, so they all had fun with that. I had a great time seeing everyone, and it seems like the kids all had fun with each other too – then again, we do live in a giant toy box…

Stella & Nora's First Birthday!!!

Stella Ingrid Helen & Nora
One Year and Five Years Old

One Year Old!

Five Years Old

Five Years Old

Helen & Ingrid

Sara's Baby Shower!

Our Adventure to MGM Studios

Our Trip to Coco Beach!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

January 2010

Time is going very fast- especially with so much to do over the holidays I hardly had time to think. Now I am already busy getting ready for birthday season, a baby shower, and a trip to Florida!

The babies are just such a dream right now. They are so full of love and sweet innocence and curiosity.  I go to work and wave goodbye, they vigorously wave in return with a huge smile on their face, not minding at all that they’ll be gone for a few hours.  We have totally given up on baby food now. They hate being spoon fed. One morning I got up and made them their oatmeal and (I forget which of them- I think Stella) wanted nothing to do with. Same thing next day.  Since that was really the only 1 time a day I spoon fed them anyways, we were done.  Their favorite foods are noodles and they LOVE lasagna and Italian in general. They also like fruits like pears (which we eat a lot of to keep things moving!) and still love broccoli and cauliflower.  Lately they really like Club crackers and those oat & fruit breakfast bars for snacks too. For lunch today they had chicken picked out of the skin of Culver’s chicken strips and bits of grilled cheese sandwich that the big girls didn’t eat. Oh, and another favorite – pancakes! Stella also likes hardboiled egg quite a bit! One day I thought I heard Nora say ‘cracker’ but wasn’t sure. So I told my mom to keep her ears peeled for that while I was gone. Later on when I got home, my mom was standing behind the counter and Nora was in her high chair playing a fun game pointing at her and saying ‘kah kah!’. All of the sudden grandma noticed the box of crackers right in front of her on the counter top – Nora was saying “cracker”!

We've still been up a little at night. Stella still wakes occasionally, but is actually doing better and now NORA is the one who’s been up more.  In fact the very first night Stella actually slept all the way though, Nora decided she was going to be the party-pooper and wake us up at 2am! I double checked that we had them in the right cribs just to be sure ;)  In fact, because of all this nocturnal activity, we decided to finally break down and get a king size bed! It is SOOO nice and very close to the ground and now we can comfortably fit a baby with me and Mike and a big kid on our feet! (yes, Ingrid has been waking up lately too!) It is quite the sight, but we will do anything to get a couple extra winks in this house!

Other fun milestones: Nora and Stella have both said ‘Dadda!’ Stella crawled right up to dad when he was reading sister a story and she said ‘Hi Dadda’ clear as day! CUTE! Nora also smacks her lips when she is waving bye-bye…like she is doing kisses! Everyone is also learning how to stand and walk. Stella can now stand unassisted for a few seconds, and Nora surprised us by walking with her walker straight across the kitchen floor! It won’t be long now…

 Nora & Stella love playing 'peek-a-boo' in their crib!
(they bend down behind the slats, the pop up!)

 Our Squirrel friend comes to visit and provide mid-winter entertainment.
 The babies enjoy their first bath together!

 Helen & Ingrid LOVE to wear their leotards and dance!

Nora takes off with the walker across the kitchen floor!

Nora & Stella are almost one year old already...