Monday, February 23, 2009

A Few Days Later

One week certainly flies by... Tuesday is Nora and Stella's one week birthday! And despite be a veteran twin mom, I can honestly say that this is completely different than what I expected!

Stella & Nora


When we brought Ingrid & Helen home from the hospital, we really don't remember anything except feeding them, diapering them and trying every trick we knew, read about, heard about or googled to try to get them to fall asleep. And then by the time they were finally asleep, it was within 30 minutes of the hospital-prescribed time to wake them up and start it all over again! Both babies and mom and dad were so exhausted. It only took a few days home before we decided that waking healthy 7 pound babies in the middle of the night isn't productive - whether the pediatrician liked it or not! At the time I was told 'oh babies are just fussy'. But I'm starting to believe there must have been something else wrong that we overlooked because people kept reassuring us that babies are just naturally fussy.

So now here we are, expecting more of the same. Instead of babies that we can't get to fall asleep, we now have babies that we can't get to wake up! I think that the hospital staff may have learned that sleep also has some value to newborn health too. They were also a little jaundiced in the hospital, so that contributes so sleepiness I guess. However, we had a home care nurse here yesterday and she said she isn't worried about the jaundice. Tomorrow they have their 1 week follow up appointment and so far they seem to be eating, sleeping and pooping by the book. They do seem to stay awake for us for about 2 hours at some point during the day (and occasionally during the night).

As for Ingrid and Helen - they are the happiest and proudest big sisters! They LOVE to hold their baby sisters and pat their soft heads of hair. Though they have been feeling a little cabin fever. Ingrid asked me the other day "Mom, can we go to a place today?" So Sunday we took our first family outing to McDonalds!

Ingrid is so concerned, anytime a baby cries she lets mom and dad know "Baby is crying!" and she will either try to offer a nuk, or find one of the baby bottles. Helen is just a loving little mommy who LOVES to cuddle the babies...note her sincere proud-sister smile in the photos! (this smirk reminds me a little of her grandpa!)

Doting sister, Helen

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