Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two weeks old...

Apologies for not getting these posted sooner! We've had fun trading germs in the Pone household, and I was the latest victim! Then I lost the USB cable for my camera so I couldn't download photos for a while!

Even after having a birthday party at the MOA, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sara hosted a little family get together the next Saturday with cake and presents too and the babies met several of their friends for the first time! The girls (I mean older girls) said their favorite part was the cake, and Ingrid really liked her balloons too! Below, grandpa shows Helen how he can take a picture of her with his phone.

Being sick, the girls missed almost 2 weeks of pre-school before the babies were born, then after attending for 1 week, were sick for another week only to have 'spring break' the next week. Needless to say, cabin fever has also taken it's toll. The TV is on way to much and the fighting and temper tantrums are much more intense and frequent than mom can tolerate! Ingrid asked me one morning "Mom, can we go to somewhere today?" How can you say no to that! Sometimes Grandma will take them to Target for their favorite cheesy pizza, or maybe we'll escape to McDonald's play land. One Saturday it was balmy enough to go out in the yard and play on the swing set...even if it was in the snow the girls were SO excited to be outside! Dad even brought Nora out too - all bundled up so cute!

Here's a pic of their room and them during nap time all swaddled up so cute. Sometimes when I lay them down for nap, if their heads face each other, they won't sleep - they get so enthralled staring at the face of their sister staring back at them! They are awake a little more of the time, but I would still call them 'sleepy' babies! Pictured here at almost 2 weeks old!

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  1. Hello Nancy its me Tammy. You know the one you share a b-day with. I stumbled upon you blog. I do have to say you have your hands full. Your girls look great and so do you. Your mom looks exactly the same. Where are you living these days? And how on earth do you have time to blog with 2 sets of twins?? Anyway take care and God Bless!