Thursday, January 6, 2011

July 2010

I don’t remember when, but they have become quite reliable about using care around stairs. Of course, you can’t trust them not to fall, but when they walk toward a stairway, the fact that they beat you there no longer means certain ER visit. They know to stop and even how to go down! I don’t know if I’ve ever written about it, but the yalso get themselves off couches and beds for some time. I started putting cushions on the floor next to the couch so they would fall on it. Then I showd them how to sit and swing on their belly to slide down. Didn’t take long to catch on! I think they’ve been doing that since April or may at least?! Maybe even before!

Oh and the words…SO MANY words. They know all of their farm animal sounds. Nora always seems to have a new word first and then stella picks it up. They both know ‘No’ of course! Which is useful actually, I don’t mind it a bit! I ask if they want water, and they say ‘No’! Ok! How bout a snack?! Nora calls Grandma ‘Bahma’ and stella calls her ‘Ama’. They say “Ou-side’ when they want to go and ‘Sitta’ for sister! When I point to a man in a book and ask what it is, Nora says ‘a dadda’! Here’s a list of words I can think of that either of them say:

Mama, dada, sittah, Bama (and Ama), Wasis? (what’s this), A lot of animal noises, Diaper, cookie, no, ouside, up, down, box, bug, eye, hahhr (hair),

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