Monday, April 27, 2009


Stella, Ingrid, Helen, Nora

Easter was lots of fun and the girls obliged me by wearing their cute white dresses, even though on most days wearing anything other than pink is a huge fashion faux paux in our house! We were late for church as usual - Mike blamed it on these photos that we snapped before heading out the door. But then I pointed out that we also spent 10 extra minutes dealing with a #2 accident and another 5 minutes hunting for another pair of white tights!

Nora & Stella

The babies also had thier own little Easter dresses that Ingrid and Helen once wore!
After church we came home and made brunch with waffles adn pancakes for all the Pones including Feliks and Vivita who both made it in town for Easter.

Stella flashes one of her blinding smiles in this photo! Now she is even starting to giggle a little!

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