Monday, April 27, 2009


First smiles are so much fun! Nora and Stella both started smiling early this month. One of the best times was when I started singing to Nora before bedtime (as always) and as soon as I started she looked up at me with the most beautiful grin! When Stella awakes from a nap, I go in to get her and she always gives this big grin. (See photo at right) I smile back and her and then her grin grows even bigger! It's SO CUTE!!!!

Ingrid and Helen also had a big reason to smile with their beautiful new princess gowns and wands that Oma hand-made for them. The dresses are gorgeous and way too nice for 4-year-olds to wear around the house and destroy...which I guess will happen no matter how hard I try!

One thing Ingrid and Helen never took to was a baby sling. But these little ones don't seem to mind much at all. Here's Stella all cozied up to me while I can function hands free!

Finally, I had some fun preparing for Easter with this photo. Funny thing is that the girls were so comfortable swaddled up that they fell asleep in this basket!

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