Thursday, November 12, 2009


In September we wasted no time getting to the State Fair on the 1st! Ingrid and Helen loved getting their faces painted, riding the merry-go-round and Helen even went down the Giant Slide with Daddy!
Other than that, we had fun FINALLY enjoying some REAL summer weather. We went swimming at Oma's pool several times and in our wading pool on the porch - the babies LOVED that! Nora and Stella were busy getting more teeth this month - they now have 4 each...the funny part is that they are all lower teeth. Normally babies get 2 bottom, followed by 2 top. Stella has really become a mama's girl. She buries her head in mom's neck when people approach, and if a stranger at the grocery store, bends over and out! She gets scared! They've been starting to eat finger food - 'puffs' - which are melt-in-your-mouth cheerios. Nora has NO interest in eating spoon food! She is always a mess at meal time! Stella at least eats most foods though! She grabs for EVERYTHING we are eating..including my cheese curd at the state fair!

Ingrid & Helen

Surprise visit to Grandma on her birthday!
(Helen, Nora, Stella, Ingrid)

First day of school!
(Ingrid & Helen)

Helen's (I think Helen's) macaroni art!


Playing outside on a nice day!


Stella & Nora (or Nora & Stella...)

Ingrid & Helen with their face paint!

Ingrid & Helen at the 'Little Farm Hands' display.

Stella eating cheese curd that she grabbed from my hand at the fair!


No thanks ma!

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