Thursday, November 19, 2009


OK, every photo in this post is reverse chronological order, and I'm too lazy (or maybe busy is a better word!) to fix it! October was busy and cold! The big girls LOVE to play in the leaves outside and most of the time it was too cold or wet to do that. The babies are growing so much! They both love to turn the pages of their favorite books. Their favorite is the 'Ladybug Book' because it has 3 dimensional ladybugs they can poke at. Nora learned to wave and loves to wave at herself in the mirror or window reflection! She giggles and gets the biggest kick out of it! She also likes to clap and pat when we sing songs. Stella is a momma's girl...she gets excited when Grandma or Oma come over, but then takes a while to warm up to them. She also cries when admirers approach her in the store, put their face right down in her car seat and say "HI! Aren't YOU CUTE!!!". It turns a perfectly content baby into a panic, and a perfectly smooth shopping trip into a fiasco. Stella started clapping on Halloween and now LOVES to clap all the time. They are also starting to say my name! When they wake up at night, or in the morning I hear "mamama". Or when I walk into the room they say "momma". SO CUTE!!!

Our little pumpkins

Pumpkin Day at DePalma's farm...a balmy 30 degrees!

MVMOM (Mothers of Multiples club) halloween party: Ingrid, Stella, Nora, Helen

Picking apples at the apple orchard!

Ingrid shows off her biggest apple.

Visiting Melissa and her little Naomi!

Visiting with Uncle Glenn, Murt and Phyllis.

Ingrid & Helen Build a scarecrow with dad!

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