Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christmas Time

I love Christmas time. I love all of the Christmas traditions we do as a family, making gingerbread house, cutting our own tree, making cookies... But what I love most is the day AFTER Christmas when all the work is done and we get to relax and have no other 'to do' list than relax and do whatever we want together at home. Mike and the big girls had a great time setting up the addition to their train set that Santa brought. And the babies, well, they kinda liked watching the big girls do anything!

 Mom, Ingrid & Helen make a gingerbread house! (One of Ingrid & Helen's favorite traditions of course!)

Ingrid & Helen (the 9th & 10th Reindeer!) sing in their school's Christmas concert!

Visiting Santa at the Christmas party at Mike's work - Thomson West

Ingrid & Helen make Christmas cookies with Oma!

Christmas Eve - all dressed ready for church! (a miracle!)

Christmas Eve
Vivita, Helen, Nora, Stella, Ingrid & Oma

Stella looks to dad 'are you sure' before practicing standing on her own 2 feet!

Christmas Day Dinner at Grandma's house. Possibly the cutest (and most helpful) pajamas ever!

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