Thursday, August 5, 2010

March: Birthday Madness

March 3, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Ingrid and Helen! We celebrated their birthday with the first friend’s party for them – we invited several of their friends and schoolmates to come to a party at Pump it Up (with inflatable slides and stuff). They had a HUGE BLAST!!!! There were a few tears with heads knocking together on the play equipment, but nothing major. They were SO excited and had a great time with all their freinds.

My proudest accomplishment is their cakes. They REALLY wanted a cake they saw at Target that’s made with a Barbie doll that has a dress made of out of cake. But I am WAY to cheap to pay $40 each for them! (especially spending money one the party!). So I ventured into a new world of the arts: Cake making.
They turned out AWESOME! I cheated by buying fondant from Joanne’s, so really it was SO EASY. I used the pampered Chef Large measure bowl to bake a cake mix in (I did practice one time a week ahead just baking a mix in the measuring cup so I knew how to adjust the baking time etc.). Then I also make a cake mix in to 9” round pans. So in the end, The dress was 3 layers. I put the rounds on bottom and the Pampered Chef cone shape on top with frosting between (you can bet I store bought the frosting though!). Then cut about a 1” diam. hole in the middle for the doll to go into. (But I didn’t put her in yet) I frosted the whole outside for taste. Finally, I colored some of the fondant and rolled it into a big circle with a rolling pin and draped it over the top, then folded it to look like a drapey dress and trimmed the bottom with a butter knife. I rolled and cut some white fondant scallop style and used water to adhere it to the bottom side of the dress to look like a petticoat. Then I put the doll in the top (her bottom wrapped in foil so as not to get cake on!). I made fondant sashes in the style of Princess Aurora’s dress and Cinderella’s dress to cover the visible part of the hole. And VUALA! WOW! I couldn’t believe how they turned out! Even if I was up all night, it was SO fun! Ingrid and Helen LOVED them of course and we had just been to Disney World and Aurora and Cinderella were their favorites.

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