Saturday, August 7, 2010

March: On the babyfront...

On the babyfront… the last several nights, Stella has slept in her crib all night long!!! Yay! And she is the one I never thought would as she started waking around midnight when she was 8 months old. Of course, the night Stella slept through, Nora began waking up  every night! I didn’t used to mind when Nora would wake up because she was so easy to lay back down. So I could nurse her in bed and then go lay her in the port-a-crib and she would just roll over and sleep. She went though a few really rough nights of tossing and turning, now she wants to sleep in bed with me. Granted, she sleeps really well and doesn’t wake me (yay for our new King size bed!) but she wants the bed and nothing else! So far, we aren’t worrying about it I guess, After she falls asleep, I get some rest myself. I’m sure the sleep experts out there are shaking their finger…but when you need sleep, you take it however you can get it!

Another good thing for March is that the snow on our porch finally melted and it was warm enough to go outside without looking like a marshmallow! That is indeed a happy day in our house. Our porch has no access to the yard (by design!) so we jokingly call it our outside play pen. But really that is what it is!
Ingrid, Helen & Dad catch some much-needed vitamin D!

Nora gets her first ride in her dolphin swing. Ingrid and Helen used to love these too! But Stella wanted nothing to do with the swing! Helen was excited to blow bubbles!

At least Stella still likes the porch swing! Here with Grandma and Ingrid.

Stella goes for another new experience: Sliding!

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