Wednesday, September 15, 2010

April showers bring - Molars!

April 9, 2010

Stella and Nora 14 months
It never fails. When we finally make arrangements to have our babysitter come, one of 2 things happens. Either a) babies decide to get a tooth that day and are super crabby so you feel bad leaving them for long. Or b) someone gets a nasty sickness and the sitter dare not even set foot in our house!  Tonight, it was a strange twist. When Nora got up from her nap, Aldona changed her diaper – and Nora was terribly cranky, kicking, yelling and fighting it. After that she was still so fussy, crying and complaining. I knew she was working on another molar, but this was so much worse than her normal teething complaints as she continued to fuss and complain as she hadn’t done in months. Of course, hat’s what happens EVERY time Kendra is coming over and we’re trying to get a break! I tried teething toys, teething pills, wet rags, snacks, Nora wanted none of it. I went outside to take them on a walk, hoping to distract them and walks usually calm them. No good. Finally I picked her up out of the stroller and noticed that something was a little ‘out of place’. Sure enough, her diaper was strung right up the middle of her little butt! Poor thing! I guess that’s what happens when she fights and wriggles for diaper changes so much! The instant after I adjusted her diaper, I set her down on the ground and she was a new person! Ah! What a fresh view one has on life after relieving a wedgie!!!

It sure has been the month for getting molars. Nora is working on her last. The first 3, I hardly noticed. Heck, I saw Stella was getting one a few weeks ago. Then a few days later I saw Nora had one already too…so I don’t even know who was first! Then, I checked again a week or so later and they each had 3! With the 4th poking so close to the surface you could almost feel the sharpness of it! Last night, Nora worked on that last one, I think the lower Right. She woke up fussy, but settled, then at least she was awake but happy for a while. She has been such a fidgety sleeper! In fact, Stella has been reliably sleeping through the night for a month, and now Nora is the one that inevitably will wake up almost as reliably as an alarm clock at 1am. I’ve gotten in the habit of not even going to bed. I just wait for her.
Helen & Ingrid all set for a pajama party at Grandma's!

            Stella                                                                                   Nora

Heather came for a visit!

Ingrid gives Nora & Stella a ride!

Helen and her ABC soup
At the Seaplane base on a gorgeous Tuesday night.
Ingrid runs fast to fly her kite!
Stella loves to bounce on big sister's mini-tramp!
Stella wanted to dress up just like her big sisters do!
Nora, Dad & Stella

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