Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mike, Nora, Ingrid, Helen, Nancy, Stella
April  5 2010
Easter was ‘interesting’ this year. Because we were so busy chasing around Nora and Stella and making sure they didn’t fall down the spiral staircase or through the slats on the deck, that I didn’t get to make sure my big kids ate anything other than candy - which I’m sure they didn't-except perhaps for the cake my mom gave them for 'dessert'! It took me and Mike over a half hour just to gather and load the mass spread of candy, toys and trinkets so we could go home. We had a BAD case of holiday hangover on Monday, and it was a pretty miserable day. (ok, not really so bad because everyone is still alive and mostly healthy and I am thankful for that!) Everyone was up til WAY TOO LATE of course, so we were all tired and cranky with chocolate hangovers. My mom couldn’t watch the babies during the big girls' dance class, and I wasn’t about to juggle two overtired, toddlers with sugar withdrawal in a crowded entryway, so we skipped. And despite all the adversity, we only had one trip to the urgent care, due to Helen attempting to stand on her swing with no hands and falling backwards flat on her head. No I wasn't looking, but that is what Ingrid told me.
I do enjoy Easter most years, so it makes me sad that it was so stressful this year. I guess I just need to be patient that it will get better as the kids get older. On a positive note, I think the photos couldn’t be cuter!

Nora, Ingrid, Helen, Stella


Ingrid, Nora, Stella, Helen
Ingrid, Stella, Nora and Helen with Oma
Nora at Grandma's house
Stella, out for a walk

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